About Me


My name is Jordan Cody President of L-Town Entertainment, Inc.  This is the section of the website where I am supposed to brag about myself. The simple fact is I am just an ordinary guy who loves all types of music ranging from Classical to Heavy Metal and everything in between. I have been in and around music my whole life. My mother, father, and grandfather all instilled music in me at a very young age. My mother was very active in theater and church and was a great singer. My father sings and plays guitar and piano. My grandfather and father both taught me to play the mandolin and guitar. I was around 10 years old when I began performing live in my church and on the AM Radio station in a bluegrass band my grandfather formed with several church members. From that point on I was hooked!!! I loved performing for people. I was also very active in the chorus throughout Junior High and High School. I had the opportunity to sing in the National Youth Choir at Carnegie Hall in New York as well as the Capitol Building in Washington DC. People thought it was funny because I was a big hulking football player who was also very active in the chorus. I have also been in several bands over the years and continue to play guitar and try to sing a little bit from time to time. I have had a lot of experience gauging crowds over the years and know what it takes to get them grooving. I have an outgoing personality as well which is a good trait for a DJ. In other words, I like to have fun and simply enjoy entertaining people!!! I have been known to even get out there and dance as well. Whatever it takes to get the party started!!!  

I have been a professional DJ since 2014 and have done numerous weddings and various events. I frequent many local area venues and have a good working relationship with them. Many of them recommend me to clients. I also work well with other vendors as well. My wife Amy also tags along with me to many events and helps me out.  It is something we enjoy doing together. It is my goal to make your event stress free providing a professional service with professional equipment.