Planning your special day is important! Set your reception up for success. Most couples do not think about the placement of the DJ. They trust that the venue or their planner has their best interest at heart. That is not always the case sometimes! They are usually just looking at how many tables they can fit into a certain space.  There are many things to consider when looking at a seating chart.

We have been placed in some awkward spots before that do not make sense at all. We usually just make the best of it and do the best we can. We like to be near the dance floor so we can interact with you and your guests. We need to be near the dance floor to be able to read and gauge the crowd.

Below are some examples of good and bad layouts.


This is the most ideal location for the DJ setup right next to the dance floor. You also want the bar close to the dance floor as well.  This allows the DJ to cover the whole room with balance. You want the sound to be the loudest on the dance floor and quieter by the tables so guests can converse without having to yell at each other. 


Seems like they always seat the grandparents at table number 5 or 11. They get mad because the music is so loud! We don't want to upset Grandma or Grandpa. Having to adjust the volume up and down all night. The people on the other side of the room can't hear and it's too loud for the people seated closest. It also makes it awkward during speeches having to walk the microphone across the room dodging tables. There is a disconnect between the DJ and the crowd. 

We know this day is about you but you have to be considerate of your guests as well. Don't leave them hanging for long they have come to see you and feed them early!

We want your wedding day to go smoothly and that you and your guests are happy. We want it to be a party that no one forgets!